COBCA is a nonprofit charitable, volunteer-based organization. We strive to raise, solicit, collect, and disburse funds and donations for charitable, cultural, educational and humanitarian purposes, either directly or in cooperation with other registered non-profit organizations in the USA and abroad.


Our members are our most important asset. Volunteering their time and effort, they are the force that allows us to carry out our many humanitarian efforts and achieve our mission. COBCA thrives to attain its mission and objective through community service and promoting cultural diversity and enriching our Central Ohio ethnic communities. COBCA members comprise of a diverse group of professional leaders working together to address needs of various communities. The members have the opportunity to volunteer for community services, including but not limited to, food drives, feed the hungry at soup kitchens, free health care camps/clinics, raise funds/food drive/clothes drive for natural disaster relief in USA and India and promote cultural diversity through unique musical/cultural events bringing the whole community together.


Your support will also help us achieve our objectives - satisfying the social, cultural, literary and humanitarian needs of the community. It will enable extending South Asian cultural heritage to local communities by active participation. COBCA has played a significant role in making Columbus a diversified cultural center in the Midwest region. Considering the Bengali community‚Äôs desire and fondness for the cultural aspects in our lives, this will bring a variety of different events, personae and attributes in the region. Your involvement makes a definite statement about your philosophy of making a difference. An effort of such magnitude can only be sustained through sufficient corporate and individual sponsorships.